St James Street Medical Clinic

Walk-In Clinic

Filled out 65%

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  • J
    Jeremy King
    The doctor was rude to me and the lab tech had the bed side manner of a plumber. I cannot recommend this location. Please avoid if you can.
  • D
    Dan Rutherford
    What a wonderful staff who manage to handle a high volume of patients in challenging situations. Thank you for the relief you give to many.
  • A
    Amy Young
    It was terrible. I went in initially to get lab work done and my 2 step mantoux. Right off the bat, they charge over the top for their labwork and the injection. The 2 step mantoux is 120 dollars and to get whatever lab work i needed was 50 dollars. They were not clear on who I pay for either things as well as the form of payment. The Doctor who gave me my injection was wonderful. After I had done my injection I went to the lab and thats where things were clarified once my number was called. The lab is its on separate identity and they only take cash or cheque. So that was about half hour of my life wasted. Also to mention, I had my 18 month old with me. So it wasnt appreciated. Wednesday when I came back, it was a nice in and out but wasnt mentioned that I only had a small time frame to get the 2nd part of the injection done within 7-10 days of the initial injection. Not an issue as I was planning on comong back the following monday but it would have been beneificial to know as now they are wanting to charge me another 120 dollars to redo the whole 2 step process again. I was unable to come in the week after due to sickness. So I phoned them before I went in yesterday to inquire about all of this. They told me that they dont know, I would have to speak to the doctor. So then I packed up my daughter and my husband as he also had to go to the walk in for an issue. I was told an hour and half later that would be unable to do the injection becuase its a stat. So I had just wasted my time on something that could have been prevented. They told to come back today. Well I did and I knew they had certain times that the did these injections. I had come in just a bit late. So thats alright. But as I mentioned before that there is a window to do the 2nd injection which was never mentioned. And that I would have to pay another 120 dollars. So all in all, the St. James Medical Clinic is good to a certain degree. If you are in need but the front staff need to be quite a bit more knowledgeable on information and provide such information to the clients. I feel that I have been ripped off and scammed. Its been such a headache! And the only reason I went to this clinic is because they were the only people that I was told that would do the 2 step mantoux.