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  • ๊น€๋ฏธ์˜
    One of the best places for sushi in winnipeg. Cozy atmosphere. Not expensive, good quality fish and seafood and very creative. They also deliver through skip the dishes.I love their sushi~ :)
  • M
    M Mandal
    nice spot for a casual, sushi and sake datenight. popular place for delivery, usually very busy. good service.
  • D
    Dainna Szabo
    Decided to finally try this restaurant out and was thrilled to see they were open until midnight, as not a lot of sushi places tend to stay open late. We arrived only to find out they actually close at 11:00pm. Not the end of the world but maybe update the hours online.
  • J
    J Dalzotto
    Sushi was good and the staff was friendly. Interior has a nice aesthetic. Both the Sushi and Korean dishes are well done and reasonably priced.
  • J
    jake belanger
    Poor quality ingreidants made painfully obvious by terrible preperation of sushi. The sushi itself was not good, The shrimp tasted off and had an indescribably bad texture. All the rolls felt inbalenced and didnt taste like much of anything good. I was reccomended the "Shrek" roll and after trying it the similarities became clear as both the roll and the fictional character Shrek are Large and gross. The experience was very expensive and I can only assume youre paying for a tacky sushi cafรฉ aesthetic
  • J
    Joe Friesen
    Friendly staff and very nice atmosphere. Perfect for post-yoga sashimi with classmates :)


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๎ฃ… +1 204-783-7777
๎†ป 167 Osborne St, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Y8, Canada
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Wakoya Sushi offers authentic and deliciously tasty Japanese cuisine in Winnipeg. Our traditional cookery & freshest ingredients made Wakoya Sushi natural choice of locals for Japanese food in Winnipeg. Visit our restaurant for a friendly atmosphere backed by excellent service or place an online order at JUSTEAT from Wakoya Sushi.

Select from our wide range of Japanese dishes that have authentic Japanese taste via JUSTEAT for a quick food delivery in Winnipeg. Check our menu for different authentic Japanese dishes prepared with modern presentations such as Crunch Spicy Chicken, Bulgogi Kimchi Nacho, Kimchi Ramen, Tokoyaki, Agedashi Tofu, Tempuras, Salads & Soups, Teriyaki, Donburi, Noodles, Vegetarian Rolls, Makis, Nigiris and assorted Sashimis.