Winnipeg Tax Centre

Federal Government Office

Filled out 70%

Reviews 4

  • C
    Cody Courtenay
    5 months to Review one piece of paper that they requested from me, seems a little ridiculous. hire more staff.
  • N
    Nikolas Cyr
    Helpful and polite, gave me my refund promptly despite filing 6 months late.
  • D
    Don Klyne
    So far so good , no problems !
  • J
    Jason Rogowski
    The cra owes me alot of money because I found out about the DTC, my paperwork is at the wpg. tax center for them to adjust. Do you think they are doing anything about it???? Of course not,they tell me one thing then a few days later tell me something completely different. If I owed them the money they would be so far up my ass.