MCC Furniture Thrift Store


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  • B
    Brittany Reid
    Lots of neat stuff in the store. love how they up upcycle some of the furniture. Also reasonable prices.
  • C
    Catherine Anderson
    This particular location is, and has always been, grossly overpriced. Despite the explanation offered here by the MCC, their response defies economic logic and the word “greed” comes to mind. I was interested in a used dresser, which was priced at a shocking $200 and when I inquired about delivery, I was told that would be an extra $60, despite being less than 10km away. I wound up buying a comparable dresser at the Sally Ann on McPhillips for $60 and a customer in the store offer to deliver it for $20 – talk about a kind and generous experience. You’d be far better off to re-examine your business model and dramatically lower your prices in order to get the items to the people who could really use them at the local level, as opposed to concerning yourselves with helping people halfway around the world. Charity starts at home. ***In reponse to the statement that your " is always empty" I think the poster was commenting on the number of people that are actually in the store, not the amount of merchandise available. In other words, people cannot afford to shop here.
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    Christine RIDER
    I live in the neigbourhood. My neighbours & I talk about how expensive everything is in here. They are not helping poverty-stricken people, when their prices are way too high. A person is better off buying brand new. MCC, please take heed and Lower your prices!!! Or is all about profit?? This store is always empty!!
  • P
    Pakorn Suvunnachuen
    Their Real Wood furniture beats IKEA composite wood furniture hands down. You only pay a fraction of price. I purchased $175 dresser with real big and nice mirror for just $44 because of the 75% off. You can also find few appliances such as Refrigerator as well. Also good deal on light fixture, most are around $25.
  • ?
    Only the best of used goods
  • J
    John Sharples
    The prices were too high, there were some clever displays.