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    Jodi Robertson
    The Western Surgery Centre is fantastic and I had a great experience through and through. The facility itself is very clean, easy to get to and there is a lot of parking which is always great but it is the staff that makes it such a great place. It is never a great thing to require surgery but when you receive excellent care it makes it a lot easier. If you are going to be going here be confident that you will get the best care possible!
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    Elizabeth Sachs
    I had an excellent experience here! The staff were very welcoming and comforting, especially my pre and post-op nurses :). My physician was Dr. Murray, who did an amazing job. Thank u to all who made my stay a great experience!
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    Chris Laubenstein
    I know Michelle. She is the best! Such an effective professional. Highly recommend her and Dr. Murray!
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    Brenda Davies
    I was always intimidated when it came to possibly getting my breasts enhanced but the team at the Western Surgical Center made me feel very confident! I’m so happy with how I look now and can finally say that I love the way I look. Very clean, welcoming and informative facility. The non-surgical staff was very helpful in answering all my questions.
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    Michael D. Cohen
    First time going under the knife. I was very happy with my experience, Dr. Murray was comforting when I voiced my concerns. After my operation I was well taken care of in the recovery room and am now living a much healthier life. Thank you!
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    David Quon
    Talking to Dr. Murray I can tell he cares a lot about his patients and type of care they recieve. The facilities are very very good, great overall experience.
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    Corey Jansen
    Western Surgery Centre has an incredible facility not to mention some great staff. I would highly recommend them to any friends or family!


+1 204-947-9322
1020 Lorimer Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3P 1C7, Canada
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The Western Surgery Centre is the premiere multi-specialty surgical facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We provide a wide range of plastic surgery services to an ever growing market of new clientele. Whether you wish to improve the quality of your health or better your physical image, WSC will lead you in the right direction. With integrity and excellence in customer service, WSC is amongst the leading competitive surgical centers across Canada and can offer an experience unique to anywhere else.

Feel free to stop by or call our facility, found just off Sterling Lyon Parkway, in one of the newest business developments in Winnipeg. Our team of trained professionals are ready to answer any questions you have and will go beyond the call of duty to make sure your visit is enjoyable.

We welcome an array of customers with a comfortable and safe environment. With a spacious waiting room, families can rest easy during their loved ones procedures. We have maintained a small “play area” for kids to enjoy, with 2 large LCD TV screens and free Wi-Fi, to help relieve any concerns they have about their parent’s consultations or procedures. With such a wide range of services that the WSC provides, the plastic surgery facility is equipped with recovery beds and two short-stay private rooms for a more comfortable rest.

The Western Surgery Centre is a private, accredited surgical facility and is equipped with top of the line technology to service any cosmetic procedure. With four state-of-the-art operating rooms WSC can facilitate many procedures to improve your quality of life. Cosmetic surgical procedures are a large part of what we do here at the WSC, including Liposuction, breast augmentation, botox, face lift, rhinoplasty, tendon nerve surgery and body contouring after a patient’s major weight loss. Non cosmetic surgeries include adult sleep dentistry, pediatric dentistry, oral surgeries, laser vein treatment and occupational injury services. All of which are thoroughly performed by our certified cosmetic team.

Your procedure will be performed by our highly accredited surgical staff, most often led by Winnipeg plastic surgery specialists Dr. Ken Murray and Dr GB Singh. With testimonials of customer experiences, it is easy to see that The Western Surgery Centre is not lacking in personal service.

People get cosmetic surgery for all sorts of reasons. Sadly, sometimes stereotypes or judgment are the only things keeping people from physically changing something about themselves. We’ve performed thousands of breast augmentations and lifts at Western Surgery Centre, and we make sure our patients have healthy reasons for getting surgery and have realistic expectations about the […]

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