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  • D
    Deanna Richardson
    Always great to support local business. Great company to deal with. Manager Wayne is so friendly, too.
  • N
    Nash Ebiew
    CA built my PC. After 4 years my power supply overheated because it was installed upside down with no means to ventilate properly. CA refused to make good on a power supply refund even though they originally installed it incorrectly. If anyone had a PC built by CA, get a safety check done by CA, or better yet, another company who knows what they are doing and will stand behind their work -- immediately. This could have ruined by whole PC, and it could happen to you too!
  • S
    Stephen Friesen
    Great staff, great place for surplus and new electronics
  • J
    James Diaz
    Bought a mother board as well as a cpu for a computer im about to built. I was given the right parts yes but as i was purchasing i was not told that there will be no refund on it. Im pretty sure when all sales are finals, we are suppose to be told about it but nope. I return my part and only got a store credit.
  • D
    Sold me the wrong motherboard socket type, but staff was friendly
  • B
    Bill Summers
    I have been a repeat customer and always receive excellent service at very reasonable cost. Especially in the service and repair department. As a business owner I know how hard it is to get good staff, well done! Bill Summers