Norberry Community Centre

Community Center

Filled out 80%

Reviews 8

  • A
    Anthony Montanti
    Words cannot describe how amazing these people were. The build is set up great and super clean. Had my social here and they made it super easy for me to not stress out. Will be recommending all my friends to throw their socials here.
  • T
    Teresa Dingley
    Nice community center. Staff is normally friendly and helpful. The outdoor rinks are taken care of.
  • T
    Trevor Slywchuk
    Great rinks, great facilities, sometimes limited parking on bingo night (thursday)
  • S
    Shannon Hill
    it was a community center that has some activites for kids
  • N
    Nicholas Wiebe
    Good outdoor ice quality
  • S
    Stac Huen
    One of the best community centers in the city.
  • B
    Bill Coe
    My daughter had a 50s themed wedding social on April 24. Words cannot begin to describe how happy I was with the venue, the staff, the service; well, I guess just about everything. On my first contact the rules (reasonable) were laid down so clearly that it would have been impossible to misconstrue them. The responsibility they would accept and the responsibility expected of us were absolutely clear. On the evening of the event, we met the bar tenders and you could not have asked for a nicer, more pleasant, more helpful group. Everything went absolutely seamlessly from start to finish. One thing really stands out in my mind; I was expecting to get the "normal" social food and was very pleasantly surprised to learn that the staff did not purchase a package but went shopping and made up their own social package. So, as I have said but cannot stress enough, EXCELLENT STAFF. The venue itself is top notch. It is really difficult to comprehend that any part of the building is 50 plus years old. It feels like a new building. The only exception is the slightly disconcerting feeling you get from the "bounce" in the floor. Wonder if it would be possible to reinforce the floor joists to stop the vibration. I kept thinking of the dance floor down east a few years ago that collapsed when everybody jumped at once in time to the music. As the father of the bride to be; I cannot thank you all enough on behalf of Cory Vandal, Yvonne Coe and both families. My elder daughter who did the necessary planning from our end is herself an event planner and is a little more difficult to impress. But impress her you did. Unfortunately, her boss was also in attendance and she was also so impressed that they will be emulating some of your procedures (the food packages in particular) meaning more work for her staff.
  • D
    D. Keith Baxter
    Seems very clean with well organized programs