Peking Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 75%

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  • D
    danny pick3
    you guys have to understand about chinese people , they never come back to you and ask about how the food is or do u need any water, they are just like that, i guess its the same in china, they have bad attitudes against the customers, now when u go into a restaurant thats white people, they always ask hows the food and do u need your drink refilled, im so sad these chinese people are like that,
  • M
    melissa froese
    Decent chinese food and cater to our peanut allergy.
  • C
    Cindy Titus
    Always so friendly and kind and really delicious spring rolls!
  • D
    Davy Bell
    It seems like everything took forever. It took forever to get our order. Forever to get our water/drink refills. Forever to get a check. The server was extremely overworked. Although she remained friendly, waiting 15 minutes on a water refill is a bit too much.
  • L
    Larry Santa
    Best food. Have been ordering food from there since they first opened. Glad they are still serving great food and great service.