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    Pam Remple
    Customer service is so frustrating and when there is an issue with a delivery, responses are limited and when it finally reached a point of no longer needing the product because delivery is so late! I am talking months not days! They have no accountability for the end result! I will not shop there nor will I ever recommend them. Their delay of almost three months of a needed part required an exchange of the product purchased! They refused stating carseats are not returnable but I need the part to complete the product I paid for! Not here yet! But my baby is here and I need the stroller now! Nope,not helping. I had to purchase elsewhere and take the lose!!! Nope not happening! The hit they would have taken is gonna look like popcorn money at the movies! Technology is a fun and effective toy! I and my girls have shopped there for each other for years but we will not shop there one more time and each of us will tell two friends and they will tell two friends and so on and so on! I deserved better and I have you two Chan was to offer better, There is nothing worse then a ticked off women, unless it is her and her ticked off friends and family and the " so on part!" begins again! I played fair, I sure wish you had too!
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    Johanna Frezza
    Lovely little place great for baby. Find things a bit more unique than the standard box store.
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    Eric Robert
    A bit on the pricier side but the quality is worth it. We have found several really well built items on sale. Furniture is sturdy and definitely a place to go to for options in items like car seats, cribs, toys.
  • G
    Garrett Prevost
    Had an awful experience with this company. First we were sent damaged merchandise, which is completely understandable. But following this, their customer service was completely unacceptable. They dodged. Emails, voice mails, and phone calls for the better part of a month and a half with no resolution to date. I would not recommend them, nor will I be supporting them in the future.
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    Ilan Schwartz
    Can not speak highly enough of the customer service here. Staff are extremely knowledgable about products. They stand behind all of their merchandise and provide phenomenal post-purchase support.
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    Mike Krasnesky
    Nice store, really nice and friendly staff, but UNBELIEVABLY expensive...
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    huy tran
    Lots of different baby products. Friendly staff