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    Brittney Gauvin
    We ordered pulled pork for our New Years Eve Social and it was very comparable to ordering cold cuts or pizza but the kicker was people LOVED it!! I received so many compliments on the food and people loved the warm meal for the social. Would definitely recommend them for any catering. They are a great local business to support!
  • K
    Karen G
    Good little family business prices are OK on most things they have decent selection of frozen foods bacon burger are very good just got 6.2 lb brisket to smoke only $28.00 great price got 25 lbs of fresh tomatoes worth the trip
  • M
    Melanie Carriere
    We had them on Saturday for our wedding and everyone loved and enjoyed the meal! We had the prime rib roast, gravy, mashed, veggies, buns and salad! Incredibly reasonably priced, efficient at getting everything ready and cleaning up. I would recommend them to everyone!
  • C
    Charlotte Jack
    It is great to get top quality meat at a very reasonable price. I purchased the 130 package and it is enough to do my family of 4 for 2 to 3 weeks. It is worth it to drive out of my area to get top quality meat
  • B
    Bonnie Donald
    Great family Owned business. Always honest about product. Best ground beef and ground bacon. I have been dealing with them since before they had a store. Always go above and beyond for their customers.


+1 204-663-0082
F, 431 Thames Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2L 0V4, Canada
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It was started as a way for a stay at home mother to be able to stay home with the 4 kids and earn a living while helping bring better foods and good deals to people across Winnipeg. For 2 years we operated as a delivery service bringing in new foods when requested. From meat we expanded to produce for canning season and when ever requested. When the opportunity to open a retail location came to the family 3 years sooner then expected and in the area we lived, we jumped on the opportunity. Since opening up retail in 2014, we have grown and learned just what we want for our customers and business. A move into a more wholesale location has expanded the business amazingly. We now custom cut all orders as customers are there, we have a room where our children and customers children to play and make for a relaxing experience. As we grow at our new location so does the products we carry. We have really gotten into hot meals for Socials and Weddings. It for us always comes down to what the customer wants and needs as much as we can.

Fresh to the Bone also offers delivery.  We ask for 2 days notice, but are now able to service our customers much faster as its just a click of the button now! We now use this form for all deliveries, if you are in need of such service please just fill out the form.