Rainbow Car Wash

Car Detailing Service

Filled out 55%

Reviews 5

  • W
    Wyatt Zacharias
    Pressure is usually quite good and operating times are reasonable. Bays and main doors are very tall and accommodate large vehicles easily.
  • J
    Janice Christensen
    Vacuum does not work well. Not alot of wash time for your money no wait.
  • P
    Phil Swart
    Money lasts a fair amount of time. Using the soap and then a rinse, can usually do a quick wash for $3. Could do $2 if it was a very quick wash. Vacuums are also available.
  • J
    Jasmine Sutton
    The Laundromat here is nice, Good friendly staff and good condition machines. Also not over priced per load!!
  • K
    Kurt Morton
    Well priced car wash. Lines can get pretty long at busy times.