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    Eric Weiske
    East side had been a reliable automotive body repair shop, but have had a few minor set backs recently. Les has always been great to deal with and took care of my concens personally. Will come back in the future if there is an unfortunate event and I need to!
  • J
    Judy Towse
    Excellent customer service. Awesome job on repairs completed. Friendly & professional staff. Would highly recommend.
  • N
    Nicole Presley
    Took my car in for what was supposed to be a "short" fix - time wise. Ended up taking all day.. the staff at the front desk had almost ZERO customer service skills... Upon dropping my car off first thing in the morning I began to instruct that I had Ignition interlock/breathalyzer and told them the proper protocol to follow when working on a vehicle with such a device. (Which is call into smart start and temporarily disable the device so that they can start and drive the car without having to blow into the machine - PLEASE note that I get punished if there are any infractions or false startings with the device itself.... such as getting my license taken away for longer or getting the program extended). They assured me that they have dealt with it before and knew exactly what they had to do... After I finally got my car back it was not only making a brand NEW squeaking noise in the front passenger side, but was told that they had "problems" with my device as they DID NOT follow protocol and DIDNT EVEN TRY to call me and ask what to do - they just decided to try to blow into it themselves and try to turn it on and drive it WITHOUT doing it properly. This caused me to have a REALLY hard time explaining what happened to Smart Start and MPI, and almost costed me an extra $50+ out of pocket for Violations..... Thank god they took my printed invoice from Eastside of all the work I had done, which I also made the girl at the front desk write down EXACTLY what times they had the car and sign it. Would not recommend going there even the slightest, and especially if you have Ignition interlock. It was a absolute nightmare.
  • B
    Brad Wyder
    Not my usual repair shop. Was in trouble so I had to bring it to the closest reputable shop. Read good things about Eastside so I brought it there. Had some trouble with the repairs after I got the vehicle back. There was a small mistake that I had to get fixed by my regular mechanic. Eastside owned up to the mistake and apologized. They left me 100% satisfied with their service. Would use them again for mechanical repairs any day.
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    Beth Pachkowski
    Great service. Super friendly staff. I like that I could do my mpi estimate and repairs all in one place.
  • S
    sean wojcik
    best place to take your vehicle in the city they treat you like a person and not a number from drop off to pick up complete service. vehicle professionally detailed treated with respect not allot of body shops in the city do that anymore...