Park Bowling Centre

Bowling Alley

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  • C
    Charizze Capalos
    Me and my friends were in osborne when we then planned to play bowling we came by to the nearest bowling centre just around osborne area and park alleys came up. The three of us played for one game only just to kill the time when we reach the end game the guy employee charge us $14.50 for each and in total of $43.50 for just one game. When we reached home I got confused so I check the website to see their bowling rates and notice that we supposed to pay $4.50 for one game plus the shoe rental for $2.50. I tried to contact em and I have never received a response. I guess this is how they trick first timer people to play in that area.
  • B
    Brett Macfaladan
    I bowl for the YBC league at Park Bowling centre every Saturday, and it is a great facility! Park has 8 lanes of 5 pin bowling, and the equipment provided is kept in near-mint condition. The staff is very friendly and kind, which makes the overall experience much better. One improvement that I would suggest is to have a more organized coat and personal equipment room, as it is a little bit sloppy. 28/30!
  • B
    Ben Rogers
    A blast! Electronic scoring 5-pin bowling.