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  • S
    Shawn Hunter
    PJ does a great fade & Christian is a stand up guy with great attention to detail. The low rating is due to what appeared to be a double-booking. When I arrived it was evident that the lady behind me in line was also booked for the same appointment time & with the same stylist; the front counter staff really appeared to be conscious of that but told me the wait would be five minutes. Thirty minutes later I was in for my cut and the wait time is not my complaint, being lied to and manipulated is. The lack of apology and/or explanation only compounded my hypothesis and I will never be back. Crappy way to run a business in my opinion.
  • Z
    Zbigniew Strycharz
    Been here a dozen times over the last few years. Give the guys full reign over what to do with my hair, and it was never bad. The worst hair cut was a 3.5/5 but the best got me looks all day. Honestly I have no idea what to do with my hair but they do. Yeah they have lots of trainees but that is where half the best ideas come from.
  • W
    William McKay
    Iv been going here for the last year to get my hair cut and I have too say sometimes the wait past your appointment sucks but iv never had my hair cut or faded better anywhere else. I recommend Jon to cut my hair to everyone!!! Im getting thin in the crown but he knows what to do to make it un noticeable lmmfao