Babies R Us Pembina Crossing

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Filled out 85%

Reviews 7

  • S
    Steve KW
    Always a good experience. Well stocked and very friendly.
  • D
    Dustin Welsh
    Had all the baby stuff I needed. Now I just need to find someone to take care of my baby.
  • D
    Dragos Nina
    Easy parking, great staff that is always ready to help! Great for baby needs or toys with lots of weekly sales!
  • J
    Josh Friesen
    My wife and I are often disappointed with the slower service and one time we had been there the family change room smelled strongly of weed. Related?
  • P
    Paul Suderman
    This place never seems to have enough cashiers working, and they are always slow. There is always a line up.
  • C
    Chris Crosbie
    Great specials for kids of all ages. I was able to find four birthday presents for about $65.
  • A
    Adrian Kamyszek
    when i bought a doll as a chewing toy for my dog, it was full of a white, sticky substance, i thought it was glue but it had a horrible smell so i just threw it out, very disappointed