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    Liam Taaffe
    I have been to the fountain tire in southdale on vermillion road in Winnipeg. I was helped by the owner Anthony who really went above and beyond to make sure my vehicle was safe while doing an inspection to change it from a BC vehicle to a MB vehicle. Even though they were booked solid they managed to fit me in so that I could get the inspection before my BC insurance expired and very very friendly. This store will be my regular.
  • C
    Staff here are fantastic! Customer service is top notch! Great, fast service!
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    Ed Alexander
    Loved these guys. Always been happy with the work. Fast and friendly. One time they fixed a flat for free because they forgot to call me about pick up.
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    Graham Allardice
    Dropped in without an appointment a couple of weeks ago an hour and a half before they closed to see if they could fix my punctured tire. Was not expecting them to do it but they got it done for me. Very accommodating. Great service. Cheers.
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    Curtis Ward
    Took our van in for a estimate because our brake fluid was leaking. They told us that all our calipers were shot and needed replacing, all our tires needed replacing and all four rotors needed to be replaced, and of course the brake fluid. The estimate $3500. Which seemed really high. So i wanted a second opinion from a real mechanic. He said one caliper and rotor needed replacing and that was all, he even took pictures to show us where the leak was, everything else was fine. He did the work total cost for the parts and labor was $400. These clowns are crooks and take advantage of people who do not know any better. Do not take your vehicle into this fountain tire, not saying all fountain tires are con artists but this one was just brutal , thank god i got a second opinion or i could have been $3500 in the hole.
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    Mike Rempel
    Good service. Good people.