Piston Ring Main Street

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Filled out 90%

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    Chris Struc
    Great staff and a great place to get auto parts from.
  • D
    Doug Stangl
    Wanted a gallon can of fluid film. Stopped in at the Nairn location they told me they only sell the shaker cans and can not order it in. Went to Main Street they brought one in that day.
  • T
    Great and helpful guys behind the counter
  • T
    Tyler Albright
    Oh my god. Such a fantastic staff!!
  • T
    Ted Claeys
    Always have what I need Scott t is the man.
  • K
    kunt troller
    The staff are too busy taking phone calls to care about anything else. Might as well be a warehouse. Just needed an oil filter but it was a hassle.
  • I
    illegalsmile シ
    Always had a good experience getting my auto parts here. There are 2 gentlemen both named Scott and they are a pleasure to deal with.
  • D
    D Sh
    Piston Ring used to be a Go To place for car parts. But in recent time their pricing became rediculous! Number of times ive called and their price for an aftermarket parts is HIGHER than the price at the dealership for original part! Quality of those aftermarket parts is very questionable, i have returned same part twice because it broke as soon as vehicle was lowered, i got so fed up that i returned and bought the part from a dealer. I would recommend calling dealership and other places BEFORE calling piston ring.