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    marisa payne
    I went for the 1st time, and the girl at the front desk was helpful and friendly. I was also greeted by a lovely cat named Mama,...she was napping on the desk.
  • G
    Grampa Dave Connell
    Good used car/truck batteries for $25 including taxes. Loaned me battery meter do I could test my boost battery purchase and gave me 30 day warranty. Purchased 5 or 6 over the years and they honoured there replacement warranty when one had a cracked case at the top post.
  • M
    Michael Burris
    Great setup, all the vehicles are elevated on stands so you can get at suspension / brake / drive components easily.
  • A
    Aay Zee
    Really pathetic service for new comers. Not at all friendly for me, didnt tell me how it works there. The lady with glasses on told me to figure it out myself when i asked her that the car is half buried in snow and i cant get off the tyre. Clearly seemed like she had a problem with my ethnicity. I came to buy 4 tires, i had to find some other auto part store nearby, and cause of a racist behaviour and pathetic customer friendliness, i left the store. Very Demoralizing as an international student with minimal value, trying to find some help on getting some spare parts in such a giant scrap handling organization.