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    Kenni Harder
    Very good business
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    Dave Kits
    “J.F.” told me what I wanted to hear to make the sale and didn’t have my best interests in mind. She left out vital information that ended up costing thousands of dollars extra, lots of time, all kinds of unanticipated problems and hassles. I’d recommend this company to anyone selling a house because they will sell it no matter the cost to the buyer, I wouldn’t recommend to use this company to buy a house from or if you do, have a lawyer and/or video crew present every second of the way and even then, expect problems. I found there were lots of lies told which displays dishonesty and little integrity. Actions speak louder than words. For the record, initial interactions were great, it was the follow-through and what was said wasn’t written by her in the contract that caused most of the problems. Lies weren’t apparent until after possession date of house. More problems kept creeping up for weeks after, nothing lived up to expectations or what was said during the "pitch". Major disappointment on what was to be a positive, exciting experience.

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98 Brandt St, Steinbach, MB R5G 0V6, Canada
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