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  • T
    Tana Richards
    Very unprofessional. Do not communicate effectively, impersonal, we were told that if we were "lucky to be chosen" we would get a property to rent. Never heard from actual relator despite emails and phone calls.
  • K
    K Barker
    Your company has managed my property for many years. I understand it can be tough but glad to have you on my side. Your full service management has been outstanding as I depend on your team to be my eyes and ears. Great work!
  • J
    Janine Barnish
    We have worked with Homelife for more than 12 years - and we have always found this company to be completely trustworthy and very efficient. As out of town owners ourselves, and managers for overseas based owners, having a good rental management company you can trust 100% is essential. Homelife delivers.
  • E
    Eugene Um
    I have only talked to one of the property managers for inquiry over emails and wow... the response was absolutely in mockery tone. No matter how polite your email is, the property manager will simply ridicule you. No wonder I do not see any review that is above one star. Really, stay away from this company, everyone!
  • M
    michael jay
    In short, I find them to be very unprofessional and rude. I have used their service before and would definitely not recommend them to any renters out there. It seems that they have too much on their plate than to deal with. They will respond at their leisure and convenience. If you are expect a company with prompt and friendly service, look elsewhere.