Gone Village Eatery


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  • G
    Grace MacNeil
    Awesome breakfast -- this is tucked away - cut through Armchair Books. Enjoyed an expertly prepared breakfast over the last two days. Veggie plate is delightful. Oatmeal is generous.
  • B
    Bruce MacNeil
    Very good. Clearly. Outstanding bagel with lox and cream cheese. Highly recommended.
  • N
    Nick Lennox
    Excellent service, food was fantastic and very reasonably priced. Great place to go if you are looking for a cheap, good quality meal
  • D
    David Brickner
    Hidden cafe type setting. We came here on a Sunday night when every other restaurant has over an hour wait. We had quick service and our food was excellent . The most affordable meal in Whistler.
  • P
    Pete S _ Canada
    Whistler Burger - Feb 02 2017 Just had the the "Free Range Pemby Beef Smash Burger" OMG best burger I have had in a long time. So yummy. Made by chef Joy.