Scotiabank Theatre

Movie Theater

Filled out 65%

Reviews 5

  • D
    Daniel Morales
    Great theatre to go watch movies on your day off. Slightly pricey and limited in the amount of movies it airs, but the theatres are top notch and the service leaves nothing to desire. Reserved seating is always nice, but they do also have general admission shows.
  • D
    Dory Sheldan
    The "reclining" seats in the UltraAVX theatres require core strength to keep in an acceptable position. The springs are worn and the seats fall back to full recline so you have to flex your neck forward to see the movie. You either have to pull your body out of recline by a partial 2 hour sit-up or sit cross legged (which is what at least two people in my row did). Because of this unpleasant experience, I now avoid these UltraAVX cinemas like the plague. Yes the cinemas have reserved seating, and the sound and projection quality is great. But the seats just suck.
  • C
    cy wang
    Nice theater in center if downtown. My goto place for movies. The AVX theaters offer nice seats that recline lightly. Advanced seating purchasing is nice and suggested for most big movies. Nice food choices. Overall very good.
  • K
    Kevin Brash
    Great service. They were able to refund an extra online ticket. Good seats.
  • S
    Sherif Tarek
    I personally love it. It is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) cenima theatre(s) building in town. Cool popcorn...clean bathrooms....comfy theatre chairs, and generally a very good quality sort of theatre (subsequently, either more expensive than others or the same price avg).