New Bhaia Sweet Shop and Restaurant

Indian Restaurant

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    Wandara Ngauv
    Came in a few weeks ago. Could use better customer service. I was only one there. Made my simple samosa order and waited. Another customer came in and ordered same thing. She got hers right away before i got my order. Then the guy looks at me with surprise "what did you order again?". come on man.
  • M
    Munaf Mughal
    They serve better samosas than other places, however, their sweet ate just okie.
  • A
    Adam Darsh
    I ordered naan and there was a hair in one of them. Ok, it happens and thats not too big of a deal. But on the second one, I kid you not, there was probably about 10 short beard hairs. I can only imagine he shaved in the kitchen? What in the actual heck.... And on top of this, one side on each naan was straddling the line of edibly burnt to garbage. Their samosas and pakoras are good however. But who shaves at work in a kitchen and serves burnt food....
  • A
    Ashley Leong
    Best veggie samosas in town! My husband drive from Surrey to get these samosas whenever we have parties or events to go to. There is usually a little bit of a wait but the food is made fresh there for you when you order. Loved it!