Five Guys

Fast Food Restaurant

Filled out 70%

Reviews 4

  • E
    Elsie Viola Dupuis
    I freaking love my Five Guys, US and Canada! If you love your fries, as much as I do, I highly recommend that you get them to go
  • J
    Juele S
    There are no meal combos, burgers, fries, and drinks all have to be purchased separately. The burgers are quite good. The regular burgers have 2 patties and the little burgers have 1 patty.
  • R
    Ryan Wilson
    As I ordered my food and observed the various employees preparing the food I began to notice a few peculiarities. The place felt like a factory, there was no heart put into the cooking of the burger and I said to my friends while we were waiting, that the food was going to taste terrible. As I predicted, it did. The grease, the sweat and inexperience of the employees produced a mess of a burger. #greasy
  • J
    Jason Corlett
    Always consistently​ good burgers. Unless you order a small burger, everything is double patty. Staff is super charismatic.