Vancouver Convention Centre East

Convention Center

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  • M
    Magnus Rashid
    The Vancouver Convention Centre is an awesome spot. If you are visiting the city make sure you check it out. The views of the sea and across onto the North shore are spectacular. If its a rainy day you can view from inside or go up the Pan Pacific and have a drink with a beautiful view. Walk around and explore the building its quite gorgeous
  • S
    Sherif Tarek
    Very well sustainably built. Hosting very major events including technology related, culture related, press related events, and more. Right at waterfront, looking at beautiful sea views.
  • C
    Celeste Munger
    The venue is beautiful and the staff are very good. The parking is very expensive and due to the sheer size of the venue, it can be hard to find your way. Also, because of the great size of the venue, it can sometimes be hard to find a staff member to ask for help. Definitely show up a little early for events here to park and to find your way.
  • D
    Daniel Hsu
    Great view good venue. Parking is a bit pricy. Try to go for street parking
  • E
    Edmond Wu
    I went here for a convention, and it is absolutely beautiful in the inside and multiple rooms to explore! It also has a huge globe you can see.