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    Sonia S
    The service was great and the venue setup was extraordinary. I was hesitant at first after going in during the day and not having seen the setup for the event but Dee assured us that he would make sure that everything was organized and arranged as per the pictures and videos he had shown us. I was thoroughly impressed by his efforts and the setup for the event. I am not a customer that is easily satisfied and Dee was exceptional in making sure that we were completely pleased with how the event turned out! Thanks Dee... See you again for our future events !
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    Sunny P
    I rented the penthouse suite for a birthday party this past weekend. I had about 50 people attend the function. This was by far the best place I have ever booked for a party it beats any hotel, restaurant or small hall you can think off. The Host D was awesome hands down one of the best host I have ever had. Him and his staff made sure my guests and I were taken care of. You will not regret booking this place and we had this booked on a rainy night and given a heated tent on the patio to accommodate.
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    Ali Issaei
    We held our engagement party here, and it was perfect! It has gorgeous view of the city, and the inside (which is modern and stylish), and the outside patio (and the tent) are all fabulous. We were a bit nervous about how the party will go, but Dee and his crew have done an excellent job that night. Food and service were all beyond our expectations! Thumbs up!! We highly recommend anyone who would want to hold an event or a party to consider this place. Cheers!
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    Justin Ng
    Hosted my wedding here with over 150 guests in attendance. Dee really does everything he can to accommodate you and works really hard to get things in order so that your event goes smoothly and everyone can just enjoy themselves. With 150 people there, the suite was full but manageable (I know that Dee said that 150 is probably the most people he would be comfortable hosting there). The weather was clear and sunny but very windy on the wedding day so many of the guest chose to stay indoors which was not our plan originally. Suffice it to say that, if you can use the indoor and outdoor area, larger parties are very doable. We probably had close to 100 or more people inside at one point and it was still okay. Would recommend it for the view and the malleability of the space. I would definitely go to the space and walk through and take lots of pictures and let your vision of the event come to you and really plan out the key things you would want for your party. We had several stations set up and everything worked out for the best.
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    Livia Cecchetti
    I hosted an event at the Penthouse suites several months ago. The venue itself and the level of customer service I received from Dee and his team were unparalleled to any other event venue or customer service team in the city. Dee assisted and helped out in event planning details and was able to execute and create the vision I wanted for my event. The venue itself is unbeatable, and there is nothing quite like it in the city. I would highly recommend this venue and I look forward to hosting more events with Dee and his team in the future.