Commodore Ballroom

Live Music Venue

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    Celeste Munger
    Went to see Big Wreck at the Commodore Ballroom. The concert was really enjoyable and the staff was fantastic. My only complaint was with the ticketing process. We bought tickets at the door, and once tickets had been purchased, we had to enter immediately and were not allowed to leave and re-enter. This policy ensured that we had to spend 2 hours inside the venue prior to the main band coming on. Not unenjoyable, but I would have preferred the freedom to spend that two hours at a different establishment.
  • E
    Elsie Viola Dupuis
    Great memories! Good times!! Enjoyed so many performances and volunteered with the Vancouver Pride Society (we held one of our fundraisers here☺). Perfect location and staff try to keep up maintenance.
  • S
    Shawn DeWolfe
    What a fantastic and historic venue. The staff are great and the sound is really good.