Marpole Oakridge Community Centre

Community Center

Filled out 85%

Reviews 7

  • H
    Hoger Abbas
    A great community centre that provides all sorts of programs and options for all age groups. Very calm and comfortable environment.
  • M
    Mike Lum
    Great programs for all ages. Has an okay gym but a great outdoor playground.
  • G
    Google Guide
    An older community centre that has plans for redevlopment. All the basics are there (except swimming pool and skating rink). Parking in the lot and street parking along the perimeter residential streets.
  • T
    Theresa Arysisa
    Very quaint. Has a lot of services. Awesome staff. However they do also seem to be out of garbage stickers when I need them!
  • G
    Glen Young
    Not the most updated community center, but friendly and helpful staff. Facility is in good shape just aging.
  • T
    Thomas Hui
    My kids attended the daycare, and they loved it. All the teachers there are caring, and spends time with kids and parents. Highly recommended.
  • Y
    Yann Serim
    Friendly, local community center with the basic fitness equipment and classes. Has grass and rock fields to play sports outside

+1 604-257-8180
990 W 59th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6P 1X9, Canada
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suggestions, and participate in how your Community Centre is operated!If you believe an engaged community is a healthy community and that a community centre is the heart of the community, consider joining a committee or becoming a member of the MOCA Board of Directors.

We at the Board level are disappointed to have learned the consultation process that we expected has been delayed. Apparently the City Manager has decided that the issue of where the community Centre will be located is still undecided. This was very disappointing as we had an announcement from the Park Board regarding their unanimous vote to recommend that the Community Centre should stay right where it is. We have a meeting scheduled with the City Manager at the end of February to discuss this issue. We will certainly announce the essence of this meeting.

The Vancouver Park Board is in the process of establishing a new Joint Operating Agreement. This JOA is the operating document by which we run our Community Center in conjunction with Park Board. The Park Board is hoping this document will be in place by Spring 2017. Consultation is ongoing.

As I reported earlier the financial performance of the Community Center has been largely on par with last year which was a solid year for MOCA. The Association is committed to returning a percentage of any net income back to the Community in the form of new equipment for the building and other needs.

Planning has begun for the Marpole Community Day Festival, Saturday, June 3, and for our free Music Nights in Oak Park. The Committee is planning on this year’s events being the best ever! If you are interested in being involved please let us know.