Kerrisdale Community Centre

Community Center

Filled out 70%

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  • K
    Kate Siu
    The personal training service is very very lousy. I made the payment on March 1 and was told to wait for schedule update within a week. However, there is no one contacted me so far. I have tried to reach them a few times for update, and there is no reply. Today, I called them again. They have just provided with me the contact person for follow-up. There is no service commitment and teamwork at all.
  • M
    Martin Merrigold
    Great staff and lots of different amenities. Austin and Shannon are awesome!! Bathrooms around facility could use an update and then it would be a 5!
  • Y
    Yen Choi
    Great place for swimming. Local swim teams practice here and it has a viewing / waiting area that allows you you sit comfortably and watch while waiting. Lots of street parking in front.
  • J
    J Andre
    Absolutely ridiculous staff (unhelpful and patronizing), they all seemed entitled. Came in to go to the gym (usually go to Mt Pleasant but I was out of the neighborhood) and was given a rude awakening that my flexipass does not cover their gym. Was disrespected by staff amidst my confusion and will never bother paying the 3.50 drop in again for a gym in awful need of renovation and proper equipment placement.
  • A
    Alex Moore
    Nice quiet.good location.goid parking lots off activities in old building
  • J
    Jason Knight
    The main desk is conveniently located in the centre of the facility. Staff display a great level of customer service skills. Gymnasium, changeroom areas are in need of significant renovation.