Creekside Community Recreation Centre

Recreation Center

Filled out 80%

Reviews 6

  • M
    Mary Kleiner
    It was great doing events here. They set up tables and chairs too. We loved it. It was our third event.
  • G
    Greg Taylor
    Nice facility but small and generally crowded. My bicycle was stolen from the racks outside the glass window here. Daytime on a nice day with people walking around. Rec centre does not have cameras on the bike racks.
  • L
    Lucas Main
    Only go there for the weight room. Has a good variety of equipment for how compact it is. Has a lovely outside balcony that is big enough to do exercises on and stretch. 1 star removed for the lack of staff that appear up there
  • D
    Daniel Schell
    I got here primarily for the gym, but the entire complex is top notch. The gym is beautiful (with one hell of a great view), though it can get really busy during peak times (right after the 9-5 crowd gets out of work) which can be a little frustrating. They also have a great gymnasium with awesome drop-in sports, cool events, lots of rent-able spaces, and a fantastic location. Plus all the staff here are incredibly friends
  • N
    Noah O
    Looks like a clean modern facility. Spent an evening their in a workshop. would go back if it was my community center!
  • A
    amber romanowski
    We had a wonderful Christmas party for work there that had a great view of false Creek and the mountains and the city. I have also been to a few other events there and they were equally nice. Washrooms are good too.