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  • M
    Mohammad Alemi
    I just bought a used vehicle from Premier Auto Sales. The price of the car was quiet reasonable and even below the market price. The staff were honest and respectful. In all, I had a great experience at Premier Auto Sales and definitely recommend this auto dealership to those who are interested in buying a used car.
  • S
    Stephen Cummins
    Really helpful and a pleasure to deal with! The guys were really honest and even took care of a few minor issues for me after the sale. I got a really good deal and would definitely recommend!
  • F
    Farhan J
    I helped a relative shop for a car and we found one here. Nice car, good deal... Everything went well and the sales guy was nice.
  • A
    Angus Liu
    Honest, but room for improvement in customer service level. Key battery needed replacing and handed a newly purchase vehicle on an empty gas tank. Other than that...
  • K
    Kevin Scrimgeour
    I just bought a car yesterday it has a check engine light today Saturday. Along with a vibration not running smooth all of a sudden. They are closed now it will be interesting to see what they do. I hope they honour the fact that one day later a bit too soon to have a problem. My wife is pregnant and we needed the SUV to move with. I will keep you posted. So far I am very happy they are trying very hard to accommodate and remedy the problem. It is difficult to predict issues on any vehicle however when a major one happens it is not a good experience. We are still negotiating but I am very happy so far with the honesty and effort placed to find a solution.