Passion8 Dessert Cafe


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    Herman K
    Neat dessert place with decent amount of seating. Not a lot of variety of dessert available but definitely attractive selections. Shaved ice was alright. Tiramisu not bad but interesting combo. Service was friendly and quick. Approx. 8 parking spots in front of the store.
  • L
    L Leung
    We went there because a friend recommended. It was okay, pretty expensive though for what you get which is shaved ice for the most part. We paid a little over $26 for just my husband and I, he had the mango shaved ice and I had tiramisu shaved ice. I definitely liked the mango more but would have liked it more without chunks of cheesecakes in it. Not a place I would go often though.
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    T LC
    I ordered and was kindly shown to an available table and minutes later my order was brought to my table - no loud calling out of orders. Interesting decor and lighting in a quaint dessert place that is open late. I balked at paying 5$ for a chai tea until it came in a double size mug that seems to be the standard here. I will come back.