Rennie Museum

Art Museum

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  • D
    Devlin Fenton
    Nice collection, nice themes, above my head for the most part (I am sorry to say).
  • S
    Scott Morris Rose
    You must preregister to visit, but the guided tour of the rotating show is, at $0, a fantastic value. Because the art is great and well curated, and the guides are great.
  • T
    Tim Buktu
    Worthless gallery with funny hours requiring an online appointment lol. My cruise ship was leaving in a few hours walked in saw 4-5 tourists milling an empty gallery I was refused entry. I stared through windows at the mediocre art and lamented my terrible misfortune. If only Vancouver had a large central art gallery for tourists I would feel so much better, lol. Skip this and go to VAG.
  • K
    Kai Chu
    Great museum tours with local art students as decent leading the tours.