Oppenheimer Park


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  • W
    Wayne Magill
    Very nice park. There are plenty of shade trees to get a cool place to sit on these hot and sunny days.There is a new or should I say up to date playground for the youngsters to mess around with.
  • C
    Christopher Denton
    its a nice park, dotted with Cherry trees, which bloom at the time of this posting. You can sleep here over night, as well. This is relatively unheard of in the city. Bathrooms.
  • C
    carmaine cardinal
    Well i live here 24/7 365 days a year so this is my home,im nnot even sure if its a hotel anymore.ok goodbye
  • N
    Nicholas Ellan
    A long history of tent cities here, and a lot of history for the Japanese-Canadian community. I strongly recommend visiting the Powell Street Festival when it takes over the park. Same weekend as Pride, every year.
  • C
    christopher mcpartlin
    It has memories and everone is welcome a great place for the community to gather and dog friendly
  • D
    david David Jolivet
    Its a gathering place for people with drinking problems there are fights and alot of load yelling and disrupting the block. Police use drones to survail it at night time they wont even walk through it. Its a disgrace to this nieghborhood. If someone has a contrary opinion id like to hear it.