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  • M
    Miranda H
    Waited a painfully long time for my takeout order, which was a simple two dish combination-rice and pineapple chicken. After tasting the first piece of chicken which was unbelievably mushy, I cut open each subsequent piece to find around 80 percent batter and 20 percent chicken, one piece even had no chicken whatsoever. I ate the rice which was passable, though far from authentic with what appeared to be a combination of frozen bagged vegetable mix (carrots peas and green beans!), egg, and rice, but threw out the inedible chicken. The guy who has taken up residence begging for money outside the front door is an unwelcome touch that made me feel uncomfortable on the way in, and on the way out. Do not recommend.
  • I
    Ian Hou
    Only one time
  • S
    Steven Kuo
    Decent Chinese food.
  • K
    KeltonRSS ,
    was very good
  • E
    Eric Wan
  • J
    jiang tao qu
    Très bon good good