Chicken Restaurant

Filled out 80%

Reviews 6

  • Z
    Zibi W.
    Really good taste in both selection - regular and spicy. Very well done but not burned. Nice services. Good location. I got my meal in 2 minutes....
  • P
    Patrick Perry
    This place was very dirty and food didnt look to good and service was slow even with me being only one there
  • K
    kris mcallister
    Ordered food. Defective debit machine said that there was a chip malfunction. I discovered about 2 minutes later from my online banking the purchase went through. Called them to have the issue rectified, the lady on the phone recited my purchase price on the phone that matched what was taken out on my back and refused to rectify it. Got them on 3 way conversation with my bank. My bank also verified that the purchase went through - she still denied it entirely. After all was said and done - they charged it back to my bank without me authorizing account activity.. Worst service I have ever experienced from anything.
  • S
    Sherri Green
    How do you run out of chicken on a Tuesday night.? This location is constantly slow and always out of something
  • D
    Dale Birkett
    Good food, Good price, But somewhat slow service.
  • G
    Garry Auguste
    Its a fast food place, been there once.