Museum At Campbell River


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    ewan quirk
    No visit to the area should miss this opportunity for learning, either the history of colonialism meeting the First Nations or the storytelling of those people. Well worth the time for people who wish to know more.
  • C
    Cheryl Steidel
    History is well laid out and easy to read
  • A
    Allen Leong
    I only went in to get a map of Campbell River, but the helpful lady in the gift shop convinced me to take a look in the museum. I was amazed and surprised at how good it was. The First Nations displays, with many historical artifacts, were especially fascinating to me. All the exhibits give an excellent history of how Campbell River came to be. The only minor quibble I have is that the glue on a few of the signs seem to have separated and the pictures have bubbled up. Some of have curled up edges too.
  • K
    kathleen riley
    I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the displays of this Museum, not to mention the courteous service and magnificent view!! I have visited a few times now, and have been impressed each and every time. I never tire of the artifacts and displays in the main gallery, but have also very much enjoyed the temporary exhibits, which are varied and unique. The staff is always warm, friendly and eager to make sure my experience is a positive one. I know this museum has a group of volunteers who have also provided me excellent service on more than one occasion. I have even stopped in to the museum gift shop when I have needed a gift for a special occasion, and have been pleased with the selection and quality of their wares. I would not hesitate to recommend this Museum!!!
  • N
    Nehemiah Sloat
    It is what it is. The content is fishing and logging related. But the short film on the Ripple Rock explosion us kind of cool
  • K
    K. Arch
    Richly developed little museum had me captivated for hours


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470 Island Hwy, Campbell River, BC V9W 4Z9, Canada
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The Museum presents an opportunity to learn about the significance of our watershed, which begins in Strathcona Provincial Park at Buttle Lake, and the role it plays in providing our community with potable drinking water, recreation and hydro electric power.  

The story of the watershed is a complicated one; people living and working in this area have tried to balance the needs of industry and resource gathering with the needs of environmental longevity and protection, especially since the time when the potential for hydro electric power was observed. 

Through a series of interpretive panels and an interactive touch-screen, visitors can learn the history of the watershed prior to industrial development and find out what stewardship initiatives have been undertaken in the Campbell River and its estuary in more recent years.