Sea to Sky Gondola

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  • B
    Brian FabeIla
    Great access to a lot of great family hikes up high. Lots of great views. There is a restaurant and cafe up top. All wheelchair accessible. There are both paved easy trails and more technically challenging trails. Gets crowded here. Especially the easy trails. The line for the gondola moves fairly quickly.
  • G
    George Yamine
    Well worth the price. Recently had some time on a work trip to Vancouver to make the drive up to Squamish. Was very happy I went to Sea to Sky Gondola. Fantastic views..from many different angles at the top of the mountain. Nice trails, easy to follow too.
  • T
    Tim Austin
    The photos tell it all!!!! Definitely worth the visit. Spotted by chance online prior to traveling out to B.C , so glad we made the stop! Usual tourist attraction prices, but I for sure have no regrets. The true pleasure of this attraction was the fact that it was not jam packed with tourists, allowing a sensation of being quite remote.
  • J
    Jo L
    Beautiful ride up and down the gondola. Should really take advantage of this being so close to the city. Nice simple trails up at the top. Really showcases beautiful coastal BC!
  • P
    Philip Lam
    Amazing experience. could use a little bit more activities. Capilano bridge seem like had more activity
  • J
    jacky chan
    The cable car experience is absolutely amazing. Cuz you can enjoy the view from the sea to sky.