Cloudburst Cafe


Filled out 75%

Reviews 5

  • G
    Giovanni Zenone
    Really great coffee and bagels. The quinoa date bars were cool!
  • M
    Miranda Raven
    Great food, great atmosphere, perfect place for kids, students, and families.
  • L
    Landon Lyons
    Cozy Little cafe with "bean around the world" coffee. Good selection of muffins and Pastry if you are there early enough. Good coffee, good barista. If you are driving though squamish its convenient alternative to the Starbucks.
  • A
    Alexei TAO
    A really good place to enjoy a good cofee and create whatever you want to create. Cloudburst Cafe is one of those small, well placed, friendly and happy place to be.
  • C
    Chad Wood
    They make a great coffee. Nice staff.