Great Wall Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 70%

Reviews 6

  • K
    kaj paget
    No complaints. I totally got what I excepted. Decent food, good service. I am very surprised to see to some bad reviews. This is a beautiful example classic Canadian Chinese food, tasty and reasonably priced. National Geographic could write an article on this place. Canadian culture in pure form.
  • K
    Kay Bee
    Good food, interesting atmosphere, good service
  • C
    Curt F
    Excellent food as usual. Polite and efficient staff.
  • D
    Derrick Hiebert
    Just got back. Food was not greasy, but lacked flavor. I mean the sweet and sour was not sweet or sour tasting. If I had a blindfold on, it would have been hard to know the difference in tastes. Shrimp were small and over battered. Wonton soup was bland as well. Perhaps it is what the locals want, so that is my opinion as well as my wifes. I have eaten all over Canada as I worked the Forest Industry until I retired. I went to pay my bill, gave her $100 bill and she gave me what our bill came to in change. I had to explain that she owed me more than that. I still gave a tip as the food was not horrible, but not to our liking.
  • S
    Stephen C
    Rude waitress, food was nasty. Buffet not worth 15 bux
  • B
    Ben Yu
    my favorite chinese restaurant in armstrong / kelowna / vancouver BC Great staff