The Red Brick Cafe


Filled out 75%

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  • H
    Herb Betschart
    Food is good, price is right. However, the hard rock music they play is totally unsuitable for all the seniors in there incl. me. When I asked the sever if they could select another music channel I was told that they only receive one radio music channel?! What happened to streaming music!
  • L
    Lindsay Plumb
    Charming spot which got the short end of the stick, being one of the only cafes open on family day while hundred of people enjoyed the town. We ordered a couple bowls of soup for a quick snack while our baby was quiet. He was quiet for exactly 25 minutes while we sat waiting for our soup to be ladled into our bowls and delivered. By the time we received our laborious order he was ready to leave. So we did, still hungry. If we had known the wait time when we placed our order we would have chosen not to order. If we had the time to wait for lunch we would have gone to a restaurant, not a counter-service cafe. Communicate with your customers, please, we deserve it.
  • A
    Ayu T
    The Americano was so great! And the barista was friendly and kind there :)
  • D
    Damian Herman
    Love this place!
  • P
    Peter Foo
    The chili is great, especially on cold days.