Salmar Grand Theatre

Movie Theater

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  • T
    Trai Gay
    3* for a Small theater. Staff was nice. Decently priced.
  • J
    Jamie Lind
    Prices are quite competitive in relation to larger multiple theater screen locations in adjacent towns. Receive new releases on date of release typically and run for a reasonable amount of time (multiple weeks). Seating is adequate in each screen room, sitting close to screen will have you titled quite back to enjoy the film, but this is typical of most locations where you are in front. Sound system is good too.
  • K
    Ken Kovacs
    Only theatre that doesnt charge exorbitant prices for snacks!
  • A
    Alexander Plamondon
    Great movie theater, great and friendly staff. Me n the wife love our movie night and there is nothing like seeing your anticipated movies on the big screen!
  • R
    Rob Jobe
    Our home town theatre is community owned and has great pricing. Rent it too! Staff is always great.
  • A
    Alajiah Dubois
    Non-profit community theatre. Great prices and great staff.

+1 250-832-2263
100 Hudson Ave NW, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N5, Canada
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