Cineplex Odeon Victoria Cinemas

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    We thought we lost our single set of car keys in one of the reclining seats, the staff were great about lost and found procedures, and the manager on duty (3/4/2017 @ 9pm) put in an extended effort to lift and look under our seats, let us go through the garbage and 3D glasses. He really did go out of his way to help us and it was greatly appreciated! Keys were locked in the car...
  • C
    Caitlin Doran
    This cinema is NOT clean. I attended a film last week with my and when he went to use the bathrooms they were filthy. We paid for the screening with the recliner seats and although they were comfortable the actual screen was extremely small. The worst part of the experience was when we were leaving when the film had ended. A mouse ran past and into a small hole under a closed door! I emailed cineplex to report this but they failed to respond to my email. I would highly avoid going to this cinema because of the small screen and uncleanliness. UPDATE I wrote to the management of the cinema and they have confirmed that maintenance will be carried out to inspect the mouse situation.
  • A
    Amanda Robins
    We love the reclining seat upgrade - the legroom is amazing! (If only airplanes could figure this out). There is something understated about this theatre, something that has been lost by the newer, bigger theatres. I love that the odeon is local, I love the small scale, the old school service. We always choose the odeon if possible!