Capitol 6 Theatres

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  • N
    Natalie Cove
    So we booked the Tuesday night, cheap night for a movie. We arrived at the cinema, to be surprised by the luxury leather electronic recliner chairs! The surround sound was great. The only criticism is the screens are slightly smaller than other cinemas so book in advance to avoid the back row seats (though the reclining chairs will make you comfortable anywhere). They have truly chosen quality over quantity and their staff are the friendliest I have ever come across in a cinema. Because of this, Capitol 6 is our new go-to Cinema. Thank you
  • C
    Caitlin C
    Fantastic experience. Very comfortable and spacious reclining seats. Best movie experience I have had in a long time. All for a good price.
  • B
    Billy Shaw
    Parking is even worse then when we were young, but the leather recliners definitely made up for it. Staff was friendly and relaxed. I went on a slow Sunday afternoon, and still ended up waiting in line because of the pick your seat while you pay making the transaction seem to take far longer then necessary, but again I guess the seat made up for it lol
  • D
    David Travis
    Great seats and friendly staff. Will not go anywhere without such seats ever again. Typical low quality food with no healthy options. Wish theatres would be a touch more progressive with food options.
  • R
    Robin Lowe
    Superbly comfortable seats and welcoming staff. Highly recommended for dates and groups of friends.
  • A
    Amanda Shortt
    This newly renovated theater is such a great place for a date night. The luxury leather recliners lean back and tilt your feat up. Every seat has a clear view of the screen, wide aisles to walk down and enough room to spread out. Its like your own personal living room.