Dairy Queen

Ice Cream Shop

Filled out 75%

Reviews 5

  • A
    Aidan Kennedy
    I wanted to post a picture of my blizzard but I ate it too fast. Great staff. Prompt and friendly.
  • E
    Evan Reid
    Food and service was good. Kind of an old-school vibe at this DQ which is cool. Takes a little bit for food to come out but that seems typical of DQ restaurants
  • M
    Maggie Webster
    The foods always hot, ice cream is always amazing. Costumer service ... Sort of friendly
  • M
    Mark Coldicutt
    Staff are friendly, food is fast, nice setting. A meal that will make u smile. I highly recomment a blizzard...
  • R
    Ryker Ironside
    Ice cream machine was broken on a busy weekend, staff were telling each other stories and giggling instead of dealing with problems. A wonder it is still open.


+1 250-385-0831
2350 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8T 4L7, Canada
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