Copper Owl

Live Music Venue

Filled out 70%

Reviews 6

  • J
    Jimi Goodlife
    Good place to listen to music and a few spots away from the music, if you want to chat with some friends.
  • M
    Megan Letham
    Comfortable cozy venue, fun for dancing. The only thing is the seating is kinda weird. Just the setup of the place I guess. Drinks are reasonably priced
  • O
    Oscar D
    Venue. Great! Atmosphere. Great! Music. Great! Staff. Outstanding! Sound quality. Amazing! Bartenders could use more experience, but overall, a great night out in Victoria.
  • N
    Nicole Canuel
    Pretty dope place to go out without having that icky club feel.
  • C
    Cancer Memes
    I was not expecting to show up and see that they have an actual owl in a cage there, second, I was not expecting to receive a necklace of an owl made out of copper. I rate them 4/5 very nice place.
  • A
    Aidan Knight
    Hot gigs every time wow