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    Google Guide
    One of the newest places for high end outlet stores in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. A convenient place to save some money over retail, but overall discounts are not that significant compared to other outlet malls (or even waiting for a retail store sale). Stores are in an European feel outdoor grouped setting near to the airport, which also means loud fly overs from air traffic...exciting to see the first few times. More stores are being added including eateries. There is a really nicely equipped playground at the rear of the mall with soft rubber flooring...the bonus is that it is under a huge tent structure for most weather conditions. Good place to pass by an afternoon. Lots of on-site parking. Easy access by Skytrain.
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    Brian McEneany
    New outdoor mall. Parking is far prepare to walk. Some decent deals but still expensive. Outlet in the states is better.
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    Cathy Puskas
    You can definitely find some great deals in this outlet, but the selection is limited, both within the stores and with the stores offered. It is pretty as far as malls go, and the central set up of cafe artigiano is lovely. Plan for extra time to sit down and enjoy a coffee.