Sugarholic Cafe


Filled out 70%

Reviews 6

  • T
    tina awesomepants
    Very unfriendly service. Food came at drastically different times and was sub-par if anything. Had to order the same drink 3 times because they never brought it. In the end we had to order the drink take out because we all finished eating. This place is not at all accommodating for parties and the server gave me attitude
  • R
    R Wu
    Food tastes great. But the 2 avocado dishes we ordered had no avocados. Service was not great, unprofessional.
  • T
    Tobey Zhu
    Worst experience ever. Will never return to this place. The waitress tried to tell me that it was my fault that they brought me the wrong desert, therefore I should be grateful as they agreed to give me the desert I ordered. And she totally forgot the glass of water that I requested. And she expected me to give her tips. They really need to train their waitress better.
  • E
    Edmond Wu
    I am not to sure why everyone is scoring so low, but I found this place rather awesome. I agree that the prices are more reasonable for a younger crowd, but its definitely a delightful place to go with your friends.
  • V
    Vanessa Pan
    This place was suggested by my darling cousin. The place at first glance looks like an upscale parlor that would serve high class and expensive food. But upon glancing at the menu the prices are reasonable for the young crowd. Those who want to impress friends but want to go easy on their wallet should come. Each plate of food places on our table was both Instagram-worthy and taaty! If you come during dinner time you can even order a combo that includes a drink and dessert! The waiter and waitress both helped make our experience too notch! I will definitely come again for a princess-like experience
  • E
    Inconsistent service quality, likely due to insufficient wait staff. Good dessert options though.