Bubble Waffle Cafe


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  • E
    Emily Wu
    Food pretty decent. Approximately $1.50 more than Lansdowne or Aberdeen. More choices. Only issue was a lot of their bowls had oil marks in them and were not clean. Good value for the portion size
  • S
    Sarah McFaul
    This location was busier but also seemed to be higher quality than the Surrey location. We had bubble waffles and the Hong Kong Style Waffle Cake. The waffle cake was disappointingly small and limp; the picture in the menu makes it seem much bigger. The bubble waffles, however, were superb with a nice crispy outside and chewy inside. The servers were pretty good, and I appreciate that they asked us if we could move so a bigger group could sit together (at the Surrey location when I went there with a big group the servers made us split up and never tried asking a seated couple of they would be willing to move so that my group could sit all together). The bathroom is at the very back and there is no signage directing you back there, but it was new and clean.
  • P
    Patrick Wong
    Awesome! I love this place. $1 extra to any combo for delicious bubble waffle. Can also add $ for bubble tea instead of included cold/hot drink. A great Asian place in Ironwood! Will be back again for sure. CAUTION: DO not make the same mistake as me... better to go for $9.50+ combos instead of $7.95... better value if you get $9.50+
  • B
    Bella Grace
    Waited over 30min to receive an appetizer at which point other meals on our table were already eaten. The wrong drinks were placed on our table and was left for over 10min because of the lack of customer service. Had to wave down for service. Poor first time experience.
  • T
    Great selection and choices. Comes with a drink and add $1 for a bubble waffle. Food is delicious. You can also order online now.
  • L
    Linda Tsai
    I was too hungry to take pictures but I liked the laksa rice noodles w beef and enoki mushrooms. And they served the food pretty fast. Good for quick lunch on work days