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  • J
    Joseph Lambard
    One of my nephew worked here last week and it was the worst experience of his life. He has had multiple jobs but he said this place treat employees like a piece of meat. They even threatened to not pay him for the hours he worked and just straight up fired him, the arrogant person in charged was name JUSTIN and he was constantly flirting with this small Asian girl. Truly unprofessional, people applying for this store BEWARE. They will make you clean like a dog, no wonder they are constantly hiring new people. I will ensure this get posted to social media and that no one I know will be coming to this location ever AGAIN. Please go to APEX trampoline and you will have employees there that actually care about you.
  • K
    Kayras Irani
    ZSBC hosted an event at the Richmond location on afternoon of April 30th and the staff at the facility were extremely accommodating, organized and helpful. A BIG SHOUT OUT to Ian for helping with all the information and for processing our group so quickly and efficiently. Also, thank you to Bruce, Ana and the other staff we ran across in passing who helped us with whatever we needed to host a successful event. See you folks in the near future! Thank you for everything. Ki:)